Thursday, April 20, 2017

Barge Date: 17-04-2017 

Washing clothes onboard etc.

This coming weekend I will have my first guests on board. My niece and her fiancé who live in Brussels will arrive Saturday night and stay on board. On Sunday, my brother-in-law, his wife and their son, who also live near Brussels, will arrive in the morning. I hope to be able to take them for a canal ride. But now I must work on cleaning the boat and there is much to do following the water tank project.

We have on board a small washing machine. Small as in: I can put in 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases and that is the load. It is typical European design meaning that the door is on the front side, uses very little water and has a very fast spin cycle. So clothing and other items come out just damp, not wet. I need to buy rope to have the ability to hang laundry outside. Thus far I have resorted to hanging clothes on a small rack we have on the boat and also laying clothing on the upper deck. This has worked pretty well but takes longer since it is not hanging in the air.

This week I finally sat down and set up a proper blog location for these ramblings. To make it clear, I am doing most of this for myself, as a way to record what I am doing. It also will give me a chance to inform friends and family if they care to visit the site. I am not known for great editing and I am receiving some professional help in this regard. And when she is finally on board, she might actually make some posts to this blog herself. I will try to add more pictures as I have also learned how to get photos from my iPhone to the PC. Progress. If you call working with a PC progress.

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